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Wormuth Farm
Pasture Raised Poultry in Sullivan Catskills, NY

Pasture-Raised Poultry

Ethically Raised, Organic & Beyond Free-Range whole chickens


Organic Pastured Poultry

Pasture-Raised, Organic, Whole Chicken
from 25.00

Our jumbo Wormuth Farm pastured roasting chickens, similar in weight to capons, are available whole at 6, 7, or +8 lbs each.

Cost per serving: $4.37

Each jumbo chicken is comparable in size and weight to two broiler chickens.

  • pasture-raised, 24 x 7

  • organic, hormone free, non-GMO feed only

  • antibiotic free

  • ethically raised and handled

  • butchered and packaged by certified USDA Organic facility

Ships overnight, frozen, in thermal packaging material with ice packs.

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